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Seventh Generation provides fragrance and chlorine processing free, hypoallergenic diapers and products.

We took our family vacation this year and I decided that in the name of convenience (and my sanity), I would use disposable diapers instead of my cloth ones.

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She knows very well that diaper absorbency is critical to a dry, happy baby.

Comments about Seventh Generation Chlorine-Free Diapers: I was so excited to see these diapers and was pleased to see that a brand of diapers came out with a more natural fibered diaper which is all around healthier for my babies bottom, The less chemicals near my babies skin the better and along with the natural benefit of these diapers they also work very well and really stand up to all my.

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Seventh Generation uses a natural, non-toxic pigment to color the diaper a pleasant tan color.

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I blogged about the variety of eco-friendly products Seventh Generation has created.You may have read my review of Seventh Generation Eco-friendly products last month.

The healthy choices we make every day for ourselves and our families add up.This eco-friendly household and personal care brand has made it its mission to put the environment first without sacrificing on quality in every product produced.The Seventh Generation (pictured on the left) comes in a cute print and is a shorter and slightly wider diaper.

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But contrary to my expectations that UL would reach a deal with Honest, the 7th Generation acquisition significantly reduces the likelihood of such a buyout.

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Just like most disposable diaper designs in the marketplace, Seventh Generation diapers are not biodegradable, nor can they be composted.

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If she was using the Pampers before at daycare, then it is probably the new 7th Generation diapers.

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Many of the materials used are synthetic, and do not biodegrade.Both my littles have always had really sensitive skin and they get a rash.Honest diapers are longer which is great for coverage when it comes to blow outs in younger babies.

So that the pristine sky, field and mountains in this photo will still be here for them to enjoy.

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